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The Program is preliminary! The final program will be posted in late May.

Interactive program can be found here.

Presentation Guidelines

Plenary, Invited and Contributed Oral Talks

  • The conference will open with the plenary talks, which will be allotted 30+5 minutes (talk+questions)

  • All other talks will be allotted 20+5 minutes.

  • There have been a number of special talks solicited by the session organizers.  These are marked with * in the printed program.

  • Speakers are asked to stay within their allotted times. 

  • All oral presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint and saved in PC format. It is also recommended to make a pdf of the talk in case there is a problem with displaying the PowerPoint file. Speakers must turn in their presentations on a USB flash drive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.

Poster Presentations

  • The maximum poster size is 86 cm wide x 110 cm high In order to fit on the display board.

  • For a professional look, please prepare your poster on a single sheet, or on as few sheets as possible, with the smallest font size big enough to be read from ~50 cm away.

  • The display boards are made of cork. Fasteners will be provided by the conference.

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