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  • All categories of presentations are eligible for publication and all papers will be peer-reviewed.

  • Fill out this form to let us know if you're submitting a manuscript.

  • Manuscripts will be limited to 8 pages and must be prepared in Microsoft Word using the Word template and guidelines that can be downloaded from It is the author’s responsibility to carefully follow the guidelines and use the proper heading, text and reference formats, font sizes, page setup, graphics resolution, etc. when preparing his/her manuscript. Manuscripts that do not conform to the IJMPCS styles will be returned to the author for revision. 

  • Authors should be sure that all color figures will publish well in black & white for the printed Proceedings. If not, two manuscripts should be submitted – one with color figures and one with black & white (or gray scale) versions.

  • Completed manuscripts should be submitted  by August 15th 2023.

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